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Some fun with a SRT-10 Ram....

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Had some fun yesterday with a SRT10 yesterday. I noticed his truck at a stoplight, it had a Gibson Performance decal on the window too. Anyway, we both make a left turn and he guns it a bit to get by some traffic. I gas mine too, but a little too much and it downshifts hard at ~30mph into 1st, so he hears me. He slows down and moves over. When I get alongside, he floors it and takes off. I try to stay with, but in reality, I didn't even have a long shot of a chance. Just impressed I only fell back 4 or 5 cars. With that Gibson sticker, who knows what that thing's really got. But that V10 does sound awesome at WOT. We catch a light but with cars in front, so he does a nice big burnout right in the middle of the road! We both work our way through traffic, get to another light. I'm the first car in mine, he gets stuck behind 2 other cars in his lane. Light turns green, I wait for him and floor it out of the hole. I get some nice wheelspin, but not too much (thanks to my 255 KDWs) and ran out 1st. Drive down the road a little bit has he works traffic and get to the final light. He rolls down his windows and gives a thumbs up and I do too, as he gets in the left turn lane. The guy was cool, I think he was rather impressed that I actually was running the Caddy a bit, in an area (Boca Raton exactly) typically where they never see a Cadillac booking it.
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I do the same kinda stuff in my Brougham. I never have a chance in hell of beating anyone, but still like to play with people. I take her through the twisties fairly often too. There are a couple spots around here,that when it rains, i can get her sideways through a couple turns without really giving it too much effort. I love RWD.
caddy's have a little power to play with every now and then
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