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I own a 2016 Cadillac CTS. I have also experienced the issue with my CUE system rebooting every time I connected my iPhone 10 to CUE system via USB. I resolved the issue on Friday, 4/12/2021 by adding the Carlink 2.0 Carplay dongle to my Cadillac. it connects to the CUE system via USB without rebooting the CUE system and my iPhone 10 connects to the Carlink 2.0 dongle wirelessly without issue.

Once my iPhone is connected to the Carlink 2.0 Carplay dongle, Apple Carplay quickly appears on my CUE system. The touch screen is responsive and the sound quality is great!

I encourage anyone who is still experiencing issues with their CUE system rebooting to invest in the Carlink 2.0 Carplay dongle. It was quick and easy to install and it also contains a USB-A port for charging your iPhone.

I would also like to note that I also upgraded my wireless charging so that I can wirelessly charge my iPhone 10 in the storage bay under the CUE system for a completely wireless iPhone experience. I will leave links to both devices in this post.

Carlink 2.0 CarPlay Kit: Carlinkit Wireless CarPlay Store

WiFi Upgrade Kit: CUE Wireless Charging Upgrade Bundle Kit
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