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Solid yellow light on ultium battery charger

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I haven't had any issues before but today when I plugged my Lyriq into the charger it would charge for awhile then the Ultium Charger would turn solid yellow and stop charging. I have only been charging at home with my installed 240 plug in the garage and I have had the vehicle about a month now
. I have it plugged into the regular wall plug right now and it is still charging. We have checked the voltage on the plug and it seems to be OK. I haven't called OnStar yet and I can't really find anything online. I don't even know if the charger came with a manual because I am not finding one. I know the solid yellow light means its stopped charging or a fault. Has anyone else experienced this or have any knowledge of the indicator lights on the ULtium charger?
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Someone earlier had a similar problem with it, they found the plug from wall into little charger Box was not seated perfectly. I’d recommend trying separating the plug and reseating
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