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1996 Eldorado
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This 1996 Eldo base model, I am looking to put 1996 ACDelco FE3 struts in the front.

The way I am understanding it the only electronic control differences are the front struts.
Also I understand the rear shocks are the same for the FE1 & FE3. Is this accurate?

Will the FE3 struts just plug in and be compatible?

Will the original BCM be compatible?

Will I have to, and can I just swap the BCM from a FE3 optioned car ?

I am curious, are both front & rear anti sway bars heavier on the FE3 option?

Would it be as simple as swapping a 1996 FE3 BCM if controller differences exist?

What am I overlooking?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts