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Socal mini meet: Nov 26th

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I know a lot of guys may be out of town, but Dreamin is makin' an appearance in the LA area, and I owe him a beer...

So, on November 26th (saturday after thanksgiving) there will be a mini meeting/meet either in the Santa Monica Area or the south bay area.... I will figure out where when I know who is coming... (I am thinking lunch at Titos Tacos in culver city.. but I am open to suggestions...)

Time will be 11:00-1:00 (just a quick lunch so we can get on with our shopping)

Anyone who is going to be around interested? Post here if you are and I will keep you updated in this thread...

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how about long beach/ Los Alimitos area (where the 405 meets the 605)

There are some good places right off the freeway that could be fun.

There is a great place called Pauls which has everything and it has decent parking on the weekends (not during the week though)....

Paul's Place
10821 Los Alamitos Blvd
Los Alamitos CA 90720-2332
map it

Before we agree 100 %, will this work for everyone? Who is planning to attend. Post here...

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I'm game and I will pretty much go anywhere.

The farther south, the more helpful it is to me, as I will be having my butt parked in the driver's seat A LOT from Thursday to Saturday, but anywhere is fine with me.

FYI--Irvine Spectrum is ~20 miles from here in case options are being explored.
OK then...

Paul's Place it is....

11:00am to about 1:00 (Then I need to leave)... This saturday the 26th... Pass it around...

If anyone is coming from the north, I will meet them at 10:30 at the in-n-out on the inglewood offramp and will caravan from there...

See you all on saturday!


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Sorry fellas, I won't be able to make it. Someone get pics and share them on here.

Happy Thanksgiving!
I got supervisor approval so I will ge going to my first meet with you all. I will try and get to the In & Out by 1030 for the "caravan". :burn:
Sorry I have to work.......
Reed lets plan one on a Sat or Sun.
Dubbed Stealth said:
Sorry I have to work.......
Reed lets plan one on a Sat or Sun.

This one is on saturday!

For those sitting on the fence as to destination - Paul's is a fairly decent place for food. It's a great local hangout, nothing pretentious with a variety of good food, not just a hamburger joint. With luck we'll fill the place with CTS's and V's. :yup: :yup: :yup:
Sounds good to me! I am looking forward to seeing other CTS' and v's in the area. Should be a good time.
We're still on for Tomorrow right?? It's a long drive for me just to get a sandwich, I want to see your cars!!:cool2: I will be at In&Out at 1030 too...
I hope it's still on---I plan on being there
YES! Figured out a way to be there. Can't make the IN & OUT but see all of you at Paul's! :lildevil:
I wish I could be there, but I am out of town still
I will see you all tomorrow (except you rick... You know, I plan these events so you cant make it.. I dont want those "pictures" to surface.... Hee hee.)

Well the "mini meet" turned into a MEGA meet... it was great.. we had 11 cars... (and there were 3 people who usually come out that were out of town...)

Here are some pictures...

If you notice in the last picture we are parked at a school (nearby to the place we ate)... And someone noticed that the door (in the right side of the picture) said "counseling" which I think we all agree is necessary for V owners.. So we all can tell our friends that we were at "counseling" this weekend...

Here are some unique badging that some folks had...
This is the "+LS6 mod":

This is the +Vgrill mod:

Here is the super secret Onstar/XM antenna mod that nobody ever talks about.. Shhhh....

Sorry to all you east coast guys... the weather WAS GREAT (as it usually is in southern california).. Sunny and 65 no ice in site (except in our drinks....)
It was great meeting everyone today... We WILL do it again in a few weeks (min Jan maybe....)
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Was fun--next time I won't be so damn late (ugh to traffic...).

Was great meeting everyone. I enjoy seeing what mods other people have on their cars.

And Barak--let the trash talking begin--you're MINE in the go-cart race next time!!! :D
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