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Hey, great mini meet! Super turn out too. Even a gal that owns one. My wife will drive mine at least. We even got to hear/see a "car wreck" after lunch, Ouch! I'm still resisting a ride/drive in the magnacharger though.......maybe next year when I'm prepared to buy one. In the mean time I do not want to think about it!

Great to see all the mods. Drilled rotors, spoilers, 3 blowers, hardwires of devices, short shifters, widened wheels, 275's on stock rear rims, full size spares, cold air intakes, fuel rail covers, caliper dressing and new rear ends........ And lots of GREAT stories!

Next mini meet stop, a great Go Kart track ( with Helmets, Driving Suits, Qualifying Timing, Qualifying Griding and side by side Racing. You guys will love this! They have a big parking lot in the city of Orange with food across the street when we are done. Let's set it up for mid January!!??

For those of you that are ultra competitive and talking trash.....I DO know the fast way around the track.......and word has it I can be bought for a beer or a V tune tip.....or less my wife says.....

Good to see you guys!
1 - 2 of 90 Posts
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