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So Katshot and I saw a Mercedes A-Class in the US

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Katshot and I went to go see Doom on saturday and we pulled up next to this weird black Benz that I've never seen before. It had the Benz crest on the back but no model designation on it. But here's a pic I took with my cell phone. Sorry if its not the best quality

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Umm... I'm glad they don't sell those here. That would probably really hurt the brand image of MB. It almost looks like a rebadged Smart or a rear ended Aveo.

Good for euro markets, not for here. Weird to see one here.
It will have to hit $6-8/gal before many Americans buy cars that size. By the time gas hits that we *should* be running some sort of alternative energy. I'll just replace all the rubber in my fuel system with vitron and run my ETC off E85.
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