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The engines are the same. The forged rods for the sake of being forged (stock is powder metal sinter forged like possibly all GM rods except motors with titanium rods) are not worth the effort without a well documented plan to deliver power that requires them, furthermore, they may not work with stock pistons which need a tapered small end on the rod for all motors except the LY7 and it has a different length connecting rod.

MACE cams have mostly been installed in Camaros (far more serious hop-up enthusiasm transformed into ambition) and for the most part the return for the cost if purchased new for naturally aspirated applications has been a crap shoot from what I have read, and the datalog that I have compared from a MACE cam motor to my own stock motor.

The problem I see repeatedly is that few now days understand the fundamentals of camshaft dynamics. A camshaft change alone with tune basically just shifts the power and torque band around so that what you gain up top, comes at the expense of performance on the bottom end, because no one takes the extra important step to raise the compression ratio in an effort to recover the efficiency loss down low, from the increased camshaft duration. Note the LFX has a little more duration on the intake camshaft and a bump in the compression ratio.

Getting the cams tuned correctly to make the car respectably streetable can get expensive also, as few who have them, share what they know, or have learned.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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