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So does anyone else's key fob quit working when the fob itself is a little cold?

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I noticed this in the fall when I would play golf and throw my keys in the golf cart, play a quick nine holes, and when I get back to the car, the key fob won't work. It works fine again once its been in my pants pocket long enough to warm it up again, but it seems like if my key fob is any cooler than like 55 degrees, it doesn't work. Now that its January, I can't even keep my keys in my jacket pocket without it failing on me. Anyone have any ideas on what is going on?

Also, its probably worth mentioning that my car does not have the key-less ignition option.
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I'd replace the battery. I *do* have the keyless ignition option, but mine acted really weird when the battery was dying (never got a message about a low battery, though). Batteries don't like the cold, so if it's going dead anyway, that might explain why it's finicky.

As an aside, I would highly recommend taking the remote to your dealer and having them change the battery for you. Even though the battery will be more expensive from them, if they break it, hopefully they'll replace it for you. Mine cracked when I tried to pry it open according to the instructions manual. Fortunately, the car was still under warranty at the time and the dealer replaced it for free.
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