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2000 catera
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I purchased a 2000 Catera which had a bad running engine and had not been run for 2 years. I found out that the 2 intake valves on cylinder 1 were bent. I ordered a new head set and 2 intake valves and put the engine back together. The car starts fine but misses slightly when at idle i don't have all the small black pipes connected as I can't find the one which goes to the silver box behind the passenger side head.

Anyway, the car runs ok but the lifters are very noisy. I have run the engine for about 20 minutes with fresh oil and it has not got any quieter. Should I try a engine additive to try and quieten them? the car sounds like a diesel.

Also when I remove the oil fill cap it chugs smoke out like a steam train. It does not blow any smoke out of the exhaust and there is no oil in the coolant.
Any ideas?
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