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2001 Catera
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There is a small white plastic piece that fits on the front of the brake assembly, in the middle of the caliper and rests just on the inside of the brake disc. It is attached to a wire that leads back into the engine compartment. The only markings on the (sensor?) are "PEX". What is this and what does it do?

The story: I have been experiencing the EBTCM problem, TC/ABS/Check Engine light on, no speedo. Before pulling the EBTCM unit out and sending it off for repairs, I thought I would make sure the sensors at the wheels were in good shape first. I also remembered that when this problem first started there where two unique things that had happened to the car that same day.

First, I was going to change the front brake pads and had removed the tire. At that time I noticed that the (sensor?) described above seemed loose and I played with it a bit. Yes, it is possible I broke it at this time. Finding the brake pads to be fine, I put the wheel back on.

Later that day my wife was driving the car (big mistake) and the tension pulley for the serpentine belt exploded. I was able to fix that the following day but from that point on, that very day, I started having the problem with the TC/ABS lights.

Is this piece is a sensor and if that sensor has failed, could this cause the same symptoms as a bad EBTCM?
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