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sls fuse boxes

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this is going to sound stupid but 2 months ago i had a overheating problem which i found a couple of weeks later was because while i took all of my relays out of the underhood junction box tocheck and replace with some out of the backseat fuse box because while it was down it started the same erratic no-start so i was checking all of the relays. i finally found from a pic of the underhood box that i had taken prior to messing everything up that if i reversed the direction of the 2 large ones in the center my fans came back on. i have this weekend just about finished putting on the upper intake after cleaning all of the contacts. if anyone can send a photo of the box under the backseat so i can tell if i have anything backwards there. i would really loke to drive that this week instead of my 01 f150supercrew 14 miles to gallon average at best.
thank you and i hope i never make a 2 month headache for myself like that again
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