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Slow coolant leak

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Hello all
I have an 01 Cadillac Seville SLS with a slow coolant leak somewhere. I get the "Check coolant Level" on the DIC, I then refill coolant to proper level and in about four days the message pops up again. I've looked for obvious signs of coolant on the ground only to find very little that seems to be coming from the passenger side of the front engine compartment. No obvious hose cracks or leaks that I can see from above. ???? It will start to overheat normally if I let it go too long.

Has anyone experienced this kind of mystery leek?



Sorry not Leek, Leak :)
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I had a bad leek once

But I fixed it...


The only thing on the passenger side front would be the radiator end tank. However, coolant can run from the source of the leak to a totally different area before dropping.

The easiest way to find a slow leak is to rent a cooling system pressure test (and the proper cap adapter) from a parts store. Pressureize the system to about 20 PSI, cold, grab a decent flashlight and take a look around.

Remove the radiator sight shield (the plastic panel above the radiator, held in by plastic push rivets) to be able to see the end tanks. When reinstalling the sight shield, make sure the radiator hose is in the molded in channel. Otherwise the water pump drive pulley will cut into it.
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Haha I was wondering if someone would capitalize on that typo....Kudos! Very nice engine cover BTW.
Thanks for the tip!!
Now he only keeps cabbage on top of his engine...the heat keeps it moist. :yup:
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Mine was leaking at the top hose to radiator connection. The plastic gets brittle with age.
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