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Slipping, whinning, hardly drivable transmission

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Today on my way to school I noticed my car was whining really loudly almost like a supecharger whine. I figure ill look at it when I get the car back home. Well on my way home from school the car is shifting a little funny a first then suddenly the transmission starts slipping and then it feels like I am pumping the clutch on a manual car. Somehow the car made it home but I dont even know where to start this time. I had a remanufactured transmission put in not too long ago but there is no warranty and I replaced the differential 3-4 months ago. This car has had electrical, leaks, headgaskets, transmission, tire, and suspension problems. Dont get me wrong I love the car but i've reached the point of exhaustion with it. The car is a 94 SLS with 119,000 miles. Fluid replaced less than 3,000 ago in transmission. The car also shows no codes after almost coming to a dead stop with my foot still on the gas which makes me wonder how useful obdI is. Hopefully someone has some input or information to point me in the right direction please. Thanks, John
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Did you check the Tranny fluid level when you got home? What color is it? Does it smell funny?
How do you buy a reman trans with no warranty, or do you mean it is now beyond the warranty?
Transmission level is right where it should be and smells just fine, it was just replaced so it looks brand new. And by remanufactured transmission I mean the tranmission, when we replaced the motor, was a remanufactured that was dealer installed with about 10,000 miles on it, supposedly. This was back when my car was bought with 109,000 but was on a private car lot for a year, and i have no information about there being a warranty or anything involved and my car sat around for a year drifting through car lots so im sure it expired already.

I believe it to be the torque converter or pump as of right now due to the whining noise and lack of drive.
I dunno what could be the problem. I wish I was more help. I recently had a problem with the tranny in my Deville. The problem is very similar to yours, but my tranny fluid got mixed with coolant and came out dark brown - burned out clutches. This doesn't sound like your problem.

Good luck and please let us know how it turns out.
I second the torque converter. Pull the inspection plate and make sure that the bolts are still in, if they didn't put thread lock on, tey might have came out.
Wow i have the identical problem did you ever find out the issue??? PLease help me lol!!!
This thread is 6 years old, and the OP hasnt been posting since 2008. I suggest starting your own thread, listing your year and model, and your exact symptoms.
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