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slight shaveing noise when i turn

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i was turning left today with the windows down when i heard a slight noise coming from the left front wheel well. almost like a slight shaveing noise as if something flat is rubbing on something else flat., and only when i turn hard to the right. nothing happens when i go left hard, or even turn right slowley. got under the car and found nothing touching and the inside of the rim was not scuffed or beaten. anyone have any clues that might put my mind at ease.
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does it happen when you apply the breaks at very low speeds as well?
I have the same type of issue right now
I have something similar, but haven't had a chance to look closely yet (also don't remember if it was a left or right turn that brings out the noise). Mine doesn't seem to be related to the brakes since it happens if they are being applied or not.

It sounds like you guys need new brake pads. The sensors are starting to poke through the pads and when you turn it is making the sensors scrap against the disc. You don't need to apply the brakes to hear it. The force of turning will slightly angle the disc so that it comes close enough to touch the pad. Soon you will start hearing the sound constantly when the pads get low enough.
Or it could be the tires on certain pavements????

Or struts
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