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I've noticed a slight knocking since I got the car a few months back. The manual said it was normal to here a small knocking even when using 93 octane fuel, which is the only fuel I ever use.

I like to drive fast with my friends, and I've noticed that after a good fast run, the knocking will completely go away.

Someone suggested that I try WOT, but I'm not sure exactly what that means (I know it means Wide open throttle), but what exactlydo I do?

I have an 06 STS V8, with 66k miles.

Grinding Issue

I was driving on a back road that was gravel, and it was pretty bumpy. I wasn't going fast, but the road ended up coming to a dead end, and when I turned around and started driving I heard a grinding coming from around the back right tire about half way down the road. I stopped and had my friend go slow in it so I could get down and hear it and it sounded bad. We thought it may have just been a rock that got stuck somewhere. I sounded like metal grinding on metal. I gave it a quick acceleration, forward and then backwards, and it made the sound stop.

So my question is, should I worry about anything? The car is running just fine, and I haven't heard the sound since then.

Thanks to whoever can answer my questions. I can get a video of the knocking if requested.
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