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I'm a big fan of the Sixty Special. I owned a mint 1991 Sixty in Slate Green with the grey 22-way Italian designed leather seats. Regrettably - I traded it in for pennies when I bought a 2002 Jaguar S-type. I still own the Jag, but I dream of the amazing plush luxury the Sixty had. I think the 1989-1993 Sixty Specials were and still are one of Cadillacá nicest models.

I was reading about the Sixty in Wikipedia and discovered Cadillac manufactured and sold 5,337 Fleetwood Sixty Specials between 1989 and 1992. Then regraded it as simply the Sixty Special for 1993 and in that one year they manufactured and sold 5,237 of them (at the peak base price of $38325 each)- just 51 units less than the entire 1989-1992 production run. That leaves me wondering how on earth Cadillac sold almost as many Sixtys in 1993 as the entire previous 3 year total production run. That must have been one hell of a promotion they ran. Also why would Cadillac discontinue a car that netted well over $210,000,000.00 in 1993 alone (according to Wikipedia figures which is a VERY conservative estimate because those figures include $0 for any and all optional equipment - other than the 686 units with the #5550 Ultra interior option). Those are some pretty healthy sales figures. I'll also tip my hat to the marketing folks at Cadillac for selling nearly as many SIxtys in just the1993 model year as they did in the entire 1989-1992 four-year production run.

This makes some sense, since I've noticed that nearly all the SIxtys I've found for sale recently - nearly all are 1993 models.
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