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ok well im doing the satellite radio install, but the thing is that i do not want to have the sirius antenna on the outside of the car (i really dont want to make the car look aftermarket really) but i would like to get the antenna that is liek a shark fin on the roof instead, just like the stock look on the newer cadillacs, is there a way i can do this, and if posssible get rid of the long antenna on the rear window, i kinda want to make it look at stock as possible... thanx in advance, any and all help would be greatly appreciated...

o and i forgot, does that long antenna on the rear window, if i took it off, would be winshield have a hole in it, or would is it just glued, i have read that it was glued, but would like to make sure... basically i just want to eliminate that rear window antenna, and just use the shark fin (stock antenna) that goes on the roof, for everything such as my satellite radio/am-fm radio etc...
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