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sir-gm1 in 2009?

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Just bought the 09 srx and want to put one of my lifetime sirius accounts in the car, I have xm right now on the car and hate it. I have 3 brand new sir-gm1 kits as I had bought a case on ebay and used one for the 2004 srx, can I use one in the 2009 as I have heard that this gm1 module only works in 2004 -2006 models. If it does not work with 09, what does? Thanks in advance!!!

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You would need the SIR-GM2 if I remember right, so no the GM1 will not work.
Well I for notice that if your not just perfect you can't get the XM signal to save your life, Sirius had the best signal and I never lost it where XM I loose if I am next to a building or big truck at a red light.

I was thinking about doing the conversion because my other two radios were Sirius but now my truck and SRX are both XM so I never bothered. For the longest time as well in Canada XM had no Nascar where Sirius did.
They are the same but the hardware is not, Sirius has better terrestrial repeaters.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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