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sir-gm1 in 2009?

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Just bought the 09 srx and want to put one of my lifetime sirius accounts in the car, I have xm right now on the car and hate it. I have 3 brand new sir-gm1 kits as I had bought a case on ebay and used one for the 2004 srx, can I use one in the 2009 as I have heard that this gm1 module only works in 2004 -2006 models. If it does not work with 09, what does? Thanks in advance!!!

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Unfortunatly Sirus and XM are NOT the same. I have been a Sirius lifetime subscriber since the companies start in 2002. I have three lifetime memberships. You can not get some of the programming on XM such as the NFL network in which I also am a die hard NFL fan. So, with that said, I am trying to transfer one of my subscriptions to the car, as I have been listening to XM and miss my other channels. So anyone interested in switching and have an older SRX I have three brand new in box sir-gm1 units that I will sell for $50 each, they normally cost around $85-$120


I just checked ebay, So i wil sell them for $30 a peice as I see you can get one from $30-$120, can't believe people would pay $120 for something you can get for $30
Big difference is NFL network, It is a must have. I have two Lifetime subscriptions and two other radios that I pay yearly. I have talked to Sirius, and can transfer a radio no problem. Problem is finding a siriusreciever to replace the XM receiver that just ties in.
Hey Bill, I have compared the two, I have had Sirius since the start up of Sirius. Channel 88 NFL is only the NFL channel, NOT the NFL Network in which I get ALL the games playing. On game days they are on other channels. I have spoke with Sirius XM extensively on the differences between the XM and Sirius line up. The other think you may not know is that they are different satelite systems with different signals and Sirius is a stronger more clear signal. I have educated myself BEFORE wanting to ditch the XM, I also have friends that have had XM and switched to Sirius and they noticed a BIG difference. Its kinda like a kenwood and pioneer car stereo, pioneer has a better tuner and stations come in better, kenwood has better CD players. Not arguing, just letting you know the difference.

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