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sir-gm1 in 2009?

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Just bought the 09 srx and want to put one of my lifetime sirius accounts in the car, I have xm right now on the car and hate it. I have 3 brand new sir-gm1 kits as I had bought a case on ebay and used one for the 2004 srx, can I use one in the 2009 as I have heard that this gm1 module only works in 2004 -2006 models. If it does not work with 09, what does? Thanks in advance!!!

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I'm not sure what you hope to gain with a sirius radio. Since November of 2008 the channel lineups for sirius and xm are the same as a result of the merger.

Here are the channel lineups for Sirius, XM and SiriusXM:

Not much difference from what I see. You may have a problem with trying to use your Sirius lifetime subscription with a XM radio as I know SiriusXM won't allow a transfer to a new SirusXM radio.

SirusXM NFL radio is channel 88 on either a Sirius or XM Radio. Did you actually compare the channel lineups? The XM lineup appears to be virtually the same as Sirius, even the channel numbers.

NFL Play By Play are channels 800 to 831 on both Sirius and XM and are available online only, according to the SiriusXM site. If your old Sirius radio receives these or possibly other NFL channels via satellite then more power to you. My own workaround when I'm in the car is NFL mobile through a cellphone.

Personally, I haven't used XM outside of the trial period and haven't used Sirius at all.

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