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2009 Cadillac DTS Luxury I
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Hi folks, I need to service the horn switch in my 2009 DTS. I'm referencing the service manual via ALLDATA and I have a question re disabling the SIR system.

It appears I have two options: simply disconnect the negative battery cable or remove the appropriate SIR/airbag fuses (if troubleshooting electrical issues), then wait at least one full minute for the reserve energy to drain from the inflatable restraint sensing and diagnostic module (SDM).

Obviously disconnecting the negative battery cable is easy-peasy and hopefully that's all I need to deal with when swapping out my horn switch.

But, I'm not so handy reading electrical diagrams. If I need to birddog an electrical issue (if in fact the issue is NOT my horn switch) I'm looking to confirm what fuses I would need to remove in order to properly disable the SIR system but remain connected to battery power to continue troubleshooting. It appears to be:

  • Fuse 30 in the rear fuse box (SDM)
  • Fuse 11 in the underhood fuse box (air bags)

Any confirmation or direction is greatly appreciated. I can post schematics if that's helpful.

With thanks,

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