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the radiator the coolant goes into the overflow tank and will not go back into the radiator.
I have flushed out the ooverflow tanlk and the line. I have a new radiator cap
and radiator about 6 months old.
I first put a Stopleak waterpump lubericant and protector in the radiator after flushing everything. It worked till I put the Cadillac Tabs in it.
I am going to flush the cooling system again this week and only use the stopleak product. Any problems with this???
The parts man at the Caddy dealership told me to use all 6 tabs on the 4.5
89Seville. That is when my problems started.

Please xcuse any spelling mistakes, I am not a Harverd Grad.

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Your car uses an "overflow" or "recovery" tank. There is a two way valve in the cap to allow coolant to go into the tank as it heats and expands and then reverse the flow as it cools and contracts. Be absolutely sure you have the correct cap.

On another note, I don't know what kind of "stopleak" you used but it may have clogged the valve. The ONLY sealant you should be using is Barsleaks HDC (tabs) , G12BP (powdered tabs) or the tabs from the dealer (same as barsleaks).
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