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simple solution to 97-99 deville HU...and 2 ?s

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ok i did my homework on the installation of an aftermarket hu in my deville. i thought of all possible solutions to keep the memory, avoid sleep and whatnot.

1) mount factory tape deck in the trunk, re-wire it and install the new HU.

2) remove factory deck, wire the new HU as normal, with the exception of the power and memory wires, instead take power from the pink and blue on the steering column.

3) remove factory deck, wire the new HU as normal, with the exception of the power and memory wires, which instead will be connected to the battery and fused.

so thats what i did...and it works. i lost the chime (i think) and steering wheel volume control (for sure), but i figured i have a remote for the HU anyways. however, i did run into a couple problems, which leads me to 2 questions.

1) how ON EARTH am i supposed to fit all this wiring behind the deck inside the dash without damaging the connections?

2) my amps only turn on with the radio, not for cd's. i figured this out when my power antennae would only go up with the radio, and down with a cd in there. ive always used the power antennae as my remote im a little confused.

its raining right now, so tomorrow ill be investigating my power antennae / remote wire connections. there is the possibility i wired it in wrong =[ im not a rookie installer, but im only human.

so how the heck do i fit this new deck in there. i managed to once, but power to my right door speakers cut out, and the left door sounded like crap...and then when i take the deck out of the dash they play perfectly.
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I had to rip a plastic bracket out of the back of the stereo hole when I put my deck in. You can take out one screw but the other is inside the duct for the vents. If you dont mind a little air blowing on the back of your deck (might help to cool it if it gets as hot as mine does) you can just rip that bracket right out with the screw still in it. If the hole bothers you, use some duct tape, or silicone, hot glue to patch it up. After I took that out my HU slid in just fine.
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