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1996 Fleetwood
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For sale: 1965 Lincoln Continental sedan. Finished in embassy black and dark red leather interior. This JFK-era is complete with suicide doors, factory air, electric windows (inc. front vent windows), etc. An extremely original 56,317 mile one woman owner car (orig. '65 title is present) in fabulous condition throughout. $11,500. The Stable, Ltd. Gladstone, NJ 908 234 2055

I wish I had the $ for that. Caddy'd be gone into storage, or just gone. So I like the classic luxury. Ah well, once I get out of school, and have my own job, I'll be able to afford some projects. I know, I'm a traitor, but I'd drop a GM motor in it at least. :) GM's 572 prolly. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts