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Good evening all and Happy Quarantine...不 I am wanting to replace all filters in my 2005 Deville as I believe it is time since I am revitalizing her and I know this is the true trusted place to go for that such information and hoping for a little guidance please...85k miles base model and would like to know if there is a premium line of filters that are go to or standard type filters or is there a cold air intake system that might be suggested and so on and so on and Thank you...

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The car already has a cold air intake that, with a WIX ir filter, flows more air than the engine can handle at WOT redline shift points. WIX, Fram, AC Delco, Purolator, PartsMaster - all perfectly good air filters.

I happen to like WIX oil filters and Fram fuel filters.

"OEM" is a relative term - "AC Delco" sources parts and maintenance items from hundreds of different suppliers all over the world. A particular run of "AC Delco" air filter might be made by Purolator, WIX, Fram, others. Oil filters are usually sourced from Champion Labs.

Replace the water pump belt tensioner pulley - yesterday. When (not "if") it seizes it takes the main drive pulley and belt along with it and causes very expensive noises. Half hour job with a couple of wrenches/sockets.

Gates, DAYCO, SKF, Fafnir, AC Delco - $24 at any parts store. The number in the pulley picture is a Gates number.

water pump drive pulleys.gif
Pulley and tensioner (Notes).JPG
Water pump tensioner pulley.jpg
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