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Should I get the sts v, cts v coupe, or the newer cts v sport

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I’m looking to buy a car and I see that all of these cars a prices around the same and I was wonder which one would be the better buy In Terms of reliability, speed, fun to drive, and the most unique
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I can't speak to the CTS-V Sport, but I will say, a lot depends on your desires. Yes, driving them is paramount. One thing you're also asking is chosing between a coupe and a sedan. So that's a little confusing from the get go...

If you're into more of a "hot-rod" and want to modify things, the CTS-V is unquestionably the king in this capacity. If you want something a little more "mature", the STS-V may be your choice. Also keep in mind, these things (STS-V's) are getting older and are going to be more prone to issues and parts aren't as easy to come by. Being a Supercharged N*, yea, you're gonna be planning maintenance/work on them a little more... The CTS-V is newer and using a GM small block V8, parts are going to be more readily and easily available.
The ATS is going to be much smaller of a car than the last gen CTS or the previous STS. So if space is paramount...

Also many people have had mediocre reviews of the interior of the ATS.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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