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Should I get the sts v, cts v coupe, or the newer cts v sport

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I’m looking to buy a car and I see that all of these cars a prices around the same and I was wonder which one would be the better buy In Terms of reliability, speed, fun to drive, and the most unique
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I bought my STS V with 100K a few weeks before Stephen listed his V ): . I'd jump on that one, 30K miles! Hopefully you live far from him and it will be a road trip home. My STS V is a fantastic car, makes me smile every time I take it out! Repairs can be $$$, stay away from the Stealer! Find a shop that gives a shit to work on it. But 30K, throw on the stage 2 duct and you'll be good to go.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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