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Should I Consider an Allante?

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I appreciate your advice. I am seeking a weekend/fun car and would like to purchase a second Cadillac (I have a 1988 DeVille and enjoy the older Cadillacs.) I test drove a nice '91 Seville and loved the power, the tight steering, yet the smooth but firm Cadillac ride. That car was quick. I have been considering an Allante, but I work two jobs for this older Caddy "hobby," and my pockets are not deep. Each Allante I have seriously considered has has one or more of these issues: radio not working, speakers not working, AC not working, dash does not light, ABS brake light on, motor missing/running rough. I am afraid to spend all my extra income on an Allante when I have driven only one model and am not sure I would like it, not sure I can maintain it. I know there is a mystique about these Allantes. But knowing what I have shared with you, would you recommend that I continue to look? I have been searching in the $5k to $7k range -- and every car I have located has one or more of the issues above -- plus cosmetic concerns. Thanks for your advice.
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Having lived to older age, and having had the pleasure of owning many neat fun GM cars (74--cars not my age) let me say that the Allante is without question the biggest PITA of any I've ever owned. Also, the one I've enjoyed the most (Corvettes and Camaro not are 2nd and 3rd place)!!

Absolutely make sure that brake and coolant flushes were done regularly as I am currently parting one out and it is like killing a friend. Many owners are guys who don't appreciate getting a nice car but rather getting a car nice so they are out there. Do not get bitten by spring fever, take your time in the search. Absolutely buy one.

Bill Coates
Ditto on all that...and I am looking for another :)
It is a hobby that requires money to fix / maintain the car. Also, the car will likely continue to depreciate for a number of years rather than hold its value or appreciate. However, if you accept the above, remember that the search for the perfect car for you is half the fun. The search is also the cheapest part of this hobby.
UPDATE on Allante search (your advice appreciated)

The car I am considering has the following issues:

1) radio comes on but does not play (no sound). Owner thinks something may have been disconnected when new battery was installed. (From my reading, I understand there are amp connections around the battery.) Maybe something was disconnected, disturbed, became loose. Maybe a fuse is blown. The radio does come on -- but no sound. The radio worked fine before new battery was installed.

2) the right bank of the digital dash does not light up. Owner says one little bulb is out. You can see it at night when the lights are on. Could it be as simple as one bulb out?

All other areas are well maintained -- car is serviced and in great condition.

Thanks for your thoughts and advice. THANK YOU!!
Mark, you asked and I replied on another web site so this is redundant for you, but I'm posting to those that only visit this site. I do truly love these cars as fun sunny day cars. This hobby needs new participants. Please please please don't consider the following comments as negative but rather ........ You'll enjoy the heck outta the car if the right one is bought. Wrong one= nightmare!!!!!!

The old something was disconnected and one little light bulb trick. Don't buy either of those comments and neither should you. The amps are notorious for going bad on these cars. I'd bet that is what you are looking at. Dick Hussey or Tom Rohner will sell re-worked ones at about $90 a pop=$360 plus shipping and exchange. Before I heard of either gentleman's organization. I sent mine to Bose who acknowledges the defective components used in the Allante amps and they charge about the same.

The bulbs? are not accessible by guys like us!(Very easy item to remove for repair). Again the gents above. Also an electronics company in Huber Heights Ohio periodically advertises on ebay to fix this very item. I believe they were used by GM for warranty repairs.

Might still be your car, learn as much as you can before you buy. Good Luck and be an active participant in this forum. Allante owners are the best folks in the world for the most part always ready to help problem is we be gettin' old--(except Stealth of course) we do need you youngens to get involved. Good Hunting!
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If these things are as minor as the seller is purporting, then agree to a price with these things taken care of, then pick the car up when they're done. You will instantly be able to gage how truly confident the seller is. Either these are minor annoyances, or he knows exactly what they are. It's the old 'put up or shut up!' Once you drive away, it's yours, so try to drive away with as much knowledge as you can about the vehicle.

Getting the car checked out top to bottom is only about a $100, but think of all the money you saved if it doesn't check out! Be smart, and most of all, be patient!


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