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Hello Everyone!

I know I have a short in the circuit that involves the daytime running lights, fuel level sensor chime control and a couple of other things. I'm popping the fuse for this circuit shortly after replacing it. Now before I get my 12v testing light out, is it possible that the relay that controls the daytime running lights might be causing the short?
The silly thing here is that because the drl's are on the same fuse as the chime and the twilight sentinel, everytime I turn the lights on I get a constant chimming, which is kind funny for the first hour or so, but just a little maddening after that.

Anyhow, any advice would be most appreciated.

Take care everyone

I have no clue on this one. Take the voltmeter to it and see what you get. Have you checked the wiring on the switch that might be it.
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