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Sho Is Fun!!!!

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Ok gang, I have to preface this thread with a disclaimer.....CADILLAC FORUMS DOES NOT CONDONE STREET RACING!!!NOR DO WE PROMOTE IT!!

Having said that....SHO IS FUN AIN'T IT?:D :banana: :nyanya: :devillaug :thumbsup:
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Hell yeah its fun. But nowadays these ricers race anywhere. Back in HS we used to meet up at a useless turnaround after midnight on Friday to race. Now they race during the school zone hours Hell last year some kid down here plowed into 2 girls killing one of them. Are kids sniffing too much exhaust fumes?
I Hear that! I figure that they're victims of the public school system.....I mean, Think about it...They're stupid enough to think rice is fast! Even when you prove them wrong they still think they're fast....Amazing!
It's amazing how some kids can be soo stupid but yet smart enough to breathe
Yeah, It's a little scary to think that when we're really old they're gonna be running things!
The problem is, kids cannot be repremanded anymore. I used to get HIT when I did something wrong. Nowadays, you go to jail for that. Kids know it. No discipline... That's the problem... We're doing it to ourselves...
The secret is in hiding the bruises. If spanking was good enough for me then its good enough for my kids when I have them.
No doubt, I'm pretty lucky with my kid. He's aware of the fact that he's a kid and needs to be told what to do I don't have to whack him, Never have! But Sal's right it's our own fault. The law says if you dicipline your kids you're the bad guy? Oh! yeah, Give 'em a time out....or...reason with them. Ever try to reason with a kid? It's like trying to train a beligerant dog....

We probably shouldn't wander too far off topic here! :wacky:
Stupid to think rice is fast?
Dude, are you living in a cave? There's a lot of japanese imports that will SMOKE our Caddies, even mine. Depressing is what it is. automotive performance levels from the OEM are going nuts these days and it shows no signs of slowing.
Where are they?

Yeah, So I've heard. But!...I have yet to run across one that can even beat my mildly modified 4.9 and I race a lot. Maybe all that hi-speed JAP CRAP is living in a cave or possibly the kids driving them don't drive too well (or maybe no balls!) But I haven't seen'em. I've read about some that are supposed to be fast. Where are they? Every single one of these guys that I race Can't even get close to my Car or even my SLOW (their words) Harley-Davidson! Maybe they should race my P.O.S. Slant six Dodge van!
Possibly the cars are fast but from what I've experienced I see NO evidence of that!
see, the ones that are fast, never drive, they sit at shows, or arnt street legal anymore. Here people go out on saturdays to race and meet up at one of the beaches before a bridge, but the cops know that anyway so its stupid. On wensday nights they have street car races at the local strip, i have yet to go but soon as my DeVille is fixed iam going.
The most likely reason you're not getting dusted is that most guys driving them aren't taking a Cadillac seriously. Still, that certainly doesn't change the fact that your Caddy MIGHT see the 14's if you're lucky, and there literally dozens of little imports out there that will do low 14's and 13's stock. Hell, there's a few GM cars that will smoke the Caddy. There's a couple guys that come down the track with their Grand Prix's and Regal's (both supercharged stock), and run 13's all day. If you think that because you're not getting dusted on the road, it means something, you're wrong. Take it to the track and learn the truth. Believe me, most guys are quite surprised after the first time slip.
I'm well aware of what the old Caddy can do. and I'm also quite aware of what the little JAP JUNK is supposed to be able to do. the point I'm making here is....Why do they never seem to be able to live up to it on the street? Also, IF as you say They're not taking the Cad seriously...Why do they get so pissed when they can't beat it? I'm sure that most of has to do with lousy driving skills on their part. I've been a street racer for many years and while I'll admit that I do far more racing on the Harley ( That they can't catch either ) than I do in the Cad. I still get a kick out of the fact that the little rice heads will race me three or four lights in a row and then get pissed and give me the finger or better yet they just leave. (PROBABLY OUT OF FRUSTRATION) So, While I'm sure you're right about what the cars are capable of, It dosen't seem to hold up out on the road....I don't run my Caddy at the track, only my bike. I'm just not interested in the car at the track the only times I race my car is on the street! It's probably a sickness.....But I don't want or need a cure!
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There's a lot of factors that can influence the outcome of a race. Obviously, the driver plays a major role, especially if the car has a manual trans.
I too used to do a lot of street racing, and more so on my bikes too. Unfortunately, I was part of the group you obviously detest. I ran Jap bikes exclusively. I'll spare you the reasons why I don't care for Harley's but I too also found that a lot of guys had a tendancy to think they ruled the road simply because they could afford to buy a fast machine. EL WRONGO! I took a lot of pride in SPANKING ZX11's virtually everytime I ran one. Now I knew that if I ran into someone who could REALLY ride his bike, I'd probably loose the race but as you said, more often than not I would win. The problem is that most guys don't have the riding skills, the balls, or the tuning skills to get the most out of their ride. The same can be said about cars although I think to a far lesser degree since bikes require far more skill to race than most cars.
I will guarantee you one thing, if you come around my area, there are plenty of kids with fast ricers, and they CAN drive them. I can say I haven't been beat by one on the road yet but I think that's mainly because the opportunity hasn't presented itself yet for a REAL heads-up race. Plus I pick who I mess with ;)
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Call Me irresponsible. But I mess with anybody and everybody...Contrary to your belief I don't detest the rice bike crowd and am WELL aware as a motor builder of the limitations of Harleys (and of how to get the MOST out of them!) I've actually spent quite a bit of time on a Honda VFR 800 and like the thing very much...I don't care much for the Baggy pants moron ricer car crowd with their generally sorry attitude and lack of respect for others....But I do like to put them in their place whenever possible.
Sorry, I assummed that "rice-heads" and "jap-crap" were indications that you didn't like Japanese vehicles, or people that drive them. I too, spent some time on Honda "V"- engined bikes. I had one of the originals, the '83 V45 Sabre, I also had a V65 too. Nice bikes but I did prefer my final rocket (Suzuki Katana 1100). I say final because back in '94 I had a little "accident" that forced me to quit riding. I broke my neck on 6 places and after that, my wife made me get rid of all my bikes (I had 7 at the time).
For all-out power, that was the wildest ride I ever had. 100mph wheelies, 100ft burnouts, 10 sec 1/4's, 170mph top-end (I had it to 167 but backed out of it because I was running out of road). God I loved that bike. Oh well.
BTW, did you see the previews for the new motorcycle movie "Biker Boyz"? Probably just a "Fast and Furious" on bikes but it still looks cool.
Looks like it might be worth renting....Not worth theatre prices though. I'll see it as long as Vin Diesel isn't in it! As far as the other thing goes....I've always called that stuff JAP-CRAP & RICE....I've always been a firm believer in buying AMERICAN! Their stuff works well and all but won't give them any more money than I have to!
As for the rice comments, I only call rice/ricer when I see a nice little car have tons of plastic, stickers that actually shows products that are not in the car, No name muffler that increases noise, Clear corner lights/apc light covers, Neon lights, Honda seat belt cover WITHOUT ANY PERFORMANCE BEHIND THEM.

Back to the topic about SHO. I read on a 97/98 GTP review that SHO owners shouldn't even rev. there engine at the GTP since GTP makes more torque at crank than SHO makes all day.
We've got so many of the little bucketheads around here anymore that we just call 'em ricers stickers or not! As for the other thing....I'd rather have the GTP anyway given the choice between the two....But I'll take a Cadillac over anything else!!!
What makes me laugh about ricers is this. They think that because they put in a turbo , nitrous, bigger engine swap they can beat every V8 around. Hello!!!!! What if that Mustang got a 351 with nitrous and a Vortech charger in there? What ever the ricers can do, the V8 boys can also!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong I like Hondas and toyotas and such but only those that are more engine work and not the 3-tiers wings, billions stickers, snow-plow bumper cover Look-at-me crap!!! Damn I'm hyper today!!
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