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Shift Indicator

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Is it a problem that my 1976 shift indicator is slightly OFF its correct position in P, R, N DrivE, and L...? Instead of lining up with the correct is slightly to the left....I have not had any issues with the only has 50,000 original miles.

Can this be remedied....if so, how hard is it to do?:confused:
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Mechanically this is not a problem but it sure can irritate.

I don't know your model but behind the fascia beneath the steering column is likely to be a cord which is attached to the indicator on top of the steering column.
The cord anchor has shifted or come loose.
Locate the cord and it's anchor and you will be able to adjust to align correctly by pulling it down or letting it go up.

The indicator is static whilst the gearshift column moves.

This was the case with my '81 Deville

This should not be a major problem.
I did not think it was a problem, but I am a perfectionist. :thehand: It is a Coupe DeVille- 1976. I will see if I can find the cord you that you are talking about when I have time to take off the cover. Thanks for the info!:thumbsup:
If it's a busted wire, you might be able to rig another from (get this!) from stainless steel fishing leader.

I did this with the transmisson indicator on my Dodge B250 van/wagon. Worked like a charm. Just hop down to your friendly bait and tackle shop and get the longest one you can find. They are generally pretty strong, probably around 60 lb. test or better and a piranha couldn't chomp through one, either. Then cut it to suit and connect it as needed.:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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