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she's starting to have a little trouble

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hello , ist day on the site , been reading a lot lately on 2000 devilles. i have one and when i say i pamper this car it's and understatement. unfortnatley being 11 yrs old it's time to start haveing "liltte" issues i guess. first off the ticking sound behind the dash has gotten worse , looked into it and i now know its due to accuators , reason for loss of air conditioning. replaced the driver side window relay , luckly no others have malfunctioned as of yet. But the worse i guess was a recent road trip about two hours long , driving just fine i pull over to fuel up and when it was time to start up she wouldn't not till the third try and the engine shook terible for the first second or two. I read all the problems other owners were having and naturally i thought "uh Oh " maybe i shouldn't have looked into them , but i did because my service engine light has been on for some time but i say the car doesn't get driven but only on nice days. checkin codes tonight , but goin to replace both A and b crank shaft sensors. lengthly story but anyone out there think the fuel system may be involved? i acutally want to change all sensors, not a good feeling driving something so beautifal but too worried to enjoy it. Oh previous owner drove it only on trips has 90,000 papmpered miles thanks for any feed back!
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As vincentm said - don't start throwing money at it until you diagnose the problems by using the car's built-in code reader/scanner/memory. Practice the procedure, note whether each code found is Current or History, write them all down and go back to the link and open the link with "obd2" in the address - that takes you to an Index of all P,B,C and U codes.
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