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SF Auto Show..............

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Just got back from the San Francisco International Auto Show and of course pushed and shoved my way to the Cadillac display first of all. There was a killer looking '06 DTS: black on black performance edition with the black grill - waaaaaaay cool.
Also there was a gorgeous black CTS-V, an even more gorgeous silver STS-V, and most gorgeous of all was an infrared XLR-V. The semi-gorgeous spokesmodel said the XLR-V would go 0-60 in 4.5 seconds, and standing in front of it and taking in the raised hood, mesh-covered grill and lower intake, the car looked as if it could eat me up and spit me out in just about the same amount of time. An absolute knockout of a car.
The display was crawling with mostly young people - good to see - and the only sour note was that the giveaway brochures were the same 2005 ones handed out at last years show.
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