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Hi Guys,

can someone give me some more info on the bumper shock absorber for my 1994 seville sts northstar.

I think my rear RH shock absorber broke down. Can someone tell me where to buy this one the best. Shipping to the Netherlands - Europe.

I would also like to receive some more info on this item:

- how big is it
- can i only buy the RH or do i have to buy in pair (RH and LH)
- what is the weight
- how smart is it to buy it secondhand

All your advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Seville STS 1994 (R.I.P), Seville SLS 1997
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you can order them in the netherlands from
just send a mail to [email protected]
there ok with there price ...

places for 2hand caddy stuff:

Stouten Autosloopbedrijf
Oostperkweg 35/37
4332SB Middelburg
- they got a caddy 1994 STS with front damage (my old baby :( )

American Car Recycling Van den Berg BV
Drieschouwen Zuid 30
4571RW Axel
- they have around 6 to 8 cadillac sevilles on there yard ... but they sure like there price thou

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