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Okay guys time has come im looking to add a seville 03 sts to my collection taking my time anyway my main question is there where three option packages for the 03 STS i want one with the middle package (The last package is just a fancy radio display by now as there are no more map updates for the nav system and cellular intergration mount is also old tech wasnt a popular option ether) anyway i have the package codes but what would be the RPO codes under the spare hatch to look for when loooking at the car besides looking for the options on the car?

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Wood/leather-wrapped steering wheel, wood shift knob, 6-disc CD changer in console, universal garage-door opener, cargo net, trunk mat.

Preferred Equipment Group 1SE
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Preferred Equipment Group 1SD plus tire-pressure monitor, high-intensity-discharge headlights.

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Preferred Equipment Group 1SE plus navigation system, hands-free cellular telephone.

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TPMS is a royal pain - not too accurate and the sensor batteries go dead. A good hand-held dial gauge is more accurate. HID does look sort of neat at night but doesn't throw any more light down the road than a set of upscale halogen 4100k bulbs. (HID is low beam only - the highs/DRL remain halogen :D)

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I like my factory HIDs and URPAS. I have TPMS as well, but it's useless for anything other than warning you of a tire going flat while driving (it may give you a few miles to get off the road before it goes completely flat).

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I installed HIGH QUALITY - low-beam 4300K HID's on my SLS -
and I like them better than the halogens -

I have PIAA's in the high beams - but rarely use them -

I had the 6 disc changer in the console - and hated it there -
so I moved it to the glove box - I much prefer the storage space in the console -

you can fine the correct 6-disc changers on ebay for less than $100 -
just be sure to get a 2002 and newer - 2001 and older will not work -
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