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Seville Performance Exhaust (non corsa)

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Well this week i begin the fabbing of my budget corsa knock off exhaust
Shell be 3 inch tube all the way back into a 3 inch Y pipe which will actually be a T off the Intermediate then into 2 center/offset 3 inch full boar jones performance exhaust like i did with the ETC (only they were 2.5 offset/offset)
Im hoping for the best with this as soon as the cat back is done i plan on killing off the header project ive been planning on her...
Wish me luck and vid will follow!!!
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Nice. I didn't know we could do headers on these. I thought we were out of the headers and cams...? Maybe not then? You get my PM?
headers as in exhaust not heads on engine
and these will be one of a kind no way could i or would i reproduce them its gonna take alot of work
lol I guess I wasn't using logic when I read that.
After seeing that crossunder pipe and the size of the headers, I would love to see some what some serious exhaust can do.

BTW if you took the radiator out, you can get to the left header with EASE. It's the firewall side that would be a PITA. I couldn't even get it off with the powertrain out of the car. Had to take the head off.

It might do decent with just a cat back, but to get the full effect, you need to get the headers/crossunder done. If I were more interested in power, I would do the headers on my car, but 275HP is plenty for me.
i know very much about the N* xover pipe haha.
my intent will probably be to cut the header right at the collector and build from there
again this is currently in the planning stages the cat back will be on by Friday, i miss hearing my car sooo much, i almost get jealous when i hear my sister fire up my ETC...
(When) If you get this system built, I'll be very interested in your impressions of 3" vs. 2 1/2" tubing. Even if you forego the manifold and crossunder work, the after-manifold back pressure will be essentially zero at anything less than redline WOT. While you're building it, why not weld in a pre-cat bung and install a system pressure gauge? You'd be the only STS owner in the world with an idea of backpressure ! (BTW...Take a look at msta's post in N* performance, "Track results...", p. 2, early AM 5/21)
Again I'm posting for Jay :) One of the first mods for his STS is the exhaust. Here's picts of the pipe and the boxes of goodies :bouncy: (sorry its from a cell phone)

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Re: 2003 STS Exhaust Project

I would love to hear more about this exhaust system.. i want to put an exhaust system on my 2001 STS
Re: 2003 STS Exhaust Project

He put a custom exhaust system on his 97 ETC. Vid for you:
Re: 2003 STS Exhaust Project

Yea i remember seeing that on cardomain.. my brother had a 97 cadillac i think it was Iceheart's cadillac... he got me into cadillac's and i got my 2001 sts last week.. i wanna get a new exhaust system for this thing but all i can find online is a corsa exhaust kit for $1000 +.
Re: 2003 STS Exhaust Project

When Jay (cadillacSTS2003) gets on tonight he'll give you tips and help you out. He works at a car shop and knows tons of info on exhausts. This will be his second exhaust install so he's pretty psyched. I only know little bits of info here and there on caddys + exhaust.

Corsa is the most common exhaust put on caddies and it does sound really bad ass. Though I'm more of an old school muscle sounding girl along with Jay hence the 97 Eldo and its Z-28 Camaro tips.

Welcome to the forum by the way!
Re: 2003 STS Exhaust Project

mods please merge this post with the original
thank you!
Yes, it is true...too much free flowing exhaust will kill your low end(at least a little) I have a heavily modded intake mind you(knn, removed air baffle, hole in airbox near headlight 4 inch elbo, jettech MAF), but with a flow-through cat, 3 inch piping, and a 2 and 1/2 Y,(magnaflows), I did loose some low end torque....SCREAMS up top, but I would prefer alittle more balance, hence Im putting stock cat back on for some needed back pressure.
this i do know
however this will not present a problem
i know how to balance it well enough, the cat will stay the same which will be the bottle neck when all is said and done (after i build the headers) thereby keeping the backpressure at a level sufficient enough for low end performance.
IMHO id keep the intake stock before id ignore exhaust...
Those pipes and boxes are flipping sweet!
Can't wait to see the end result. It'll be cool. :cool:
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