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I am considering buying a 2003 or 2004 Seville. I use Compnine to check options for a vin number, but this does not help to identify options that are available model wide. One thing that I do not have is a list of available options for those years. Edmunds does not show options any longer, just standard features. From this I can tell that SLS and STS have a few different standard features. 2004 does not have a STS but wondered how many of 2003 STS features were carried over as SLS in 2004? Anyone know of a web site that still has info on 2003/2004 Seville models and options?

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Sounds like a fine choice of car, don't forget to do the other homework on these cars...I'm gonna dig out my 2003/2004 brochures to have a look-see for ya:cool:

2006 STS V Tango int
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Sts would have perforated leather seats, more wood trim, 300hp motor, sport touring suspension (magnetic ride control if 02.5-03), 17" rims, HID headlights, color matched rocker trim, fog lights, Bose sound system, and then the factory options sunroof and navigation

Sls could have many of the same features but no sport suspension, 300hp motor (275 instead), hids..... They can still all have fog lights, sunroof, navigation, Bose and color matched rocker trim

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The options on STS are:
Satellite radio
Sun Roof
Navigation Radio
6 Disk CD changer
Z rated or H rated
Parking assist

All STS come standard with everything else, some of the standard features:
Leather perforated seats
Memory seats with 12 way adjustment
Heated seats (rear optional)
Real wood trim
Automatic dual climate control
Memory mirrors (+mirror to curb in reverse passenger mirror)
Heated mirrors
Self dimming mirrors+compass
Rain sense wipers
Northstar V8 4.6l L37 high-output 300 hp, 295 lb·ft and 4 speed automatic transmission with PAS (FWD)
ABS & T/C Stabilitrak (with all axes accelerometers including yaw)
MagnaRide (like you get now as option in cars like Ferrari)
17'' Aluminum rims
Diagnose mode (on board OBDII scanner)
Power/memory tilt/telescopic steering
BOSE sound system (with noise sensitive volume and RDS and memory and RDS and so on)
On cars of this calibers we are not discussing about obvious stuff like power locks, remote locks, trunk, fuel door, power windows...that is understood.

Seville STS was discontinued in '03, Seville SLS is the lesser model and was discontinued in '04.
By '03 pretty much all the options in the STS were available in SLS except:
Magnaride suspension (SLS has CVRSS)
Northstar V8 4.6l LD8 high-torque 275 hp, 300 lb·ft
Perforated seats
Less wood trim
I believe the '03 and up SLS had the fog lights as standard (at least were available as an option part of the STS appearance package).

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All Seville possible RPO's are listed in the GM service manual as well as in Alldata. You can then bounce the master list against the list on your sticker under the spare tire cover to find what's in THAT car.

As posted in another thread: American STS stopped production in 06/03. SLS continued into 12/03 (4 months into the 2004 "model year") so there are legitimate "2004" SLS out there. A "2004 STS" would be a Canadian model only and first registered in a country that uses registration date as "model year". From early 2003, total Seville sales dropped like a rock.

(One of our members, in England, has a "2001 STS". ............... but it was built in early 1999 and has the flat tappet engine, not the roller cam engine of 2000 [after 08/99] and later........................)
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