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2009 CTS4 Sedan w/ 1SB Premium (Thunder Gray ChromaFlair)
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Hi Members,

I've cleaned my intake valves with this before but have had no issues afterwards. It could be completely unrelated but if you could hear me out I'd greatly appreciate any insight you can provide me.

Just an hour ago I went to clean my intake valves using the CRC GDI IVD™ Intake Valve Cleaner. After a few sprays the Service Traction Control message came on. I went ahead and emptied the bottle in the way the directions suggested.

I did some research before I came asking for answers like a good person would... Here, I read a few posts saying this message could occur because of an error with ignition components. Could this be true? I've had no abnormalities or error messages before cleaning my valves with the spray.

The only thing that is different from the previous time I used the spray and this time is:
-This time, I completely removed my aftermarket air filter and sprayed from there making sure the straw is inserted passed the MAF.
-Before, I had my stock air-box and I curved the straw at a gradual 90-degree angle and inserted it through the vacuum port aiming at the throttle body (basically to keep everything assembled).

Is it typical for this message to come on because it's just responding to a bad voltage reference after doing what I did?

Thanks in advanced.
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