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Service the Air Bag!!!

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For the past week, the "service the air bag" message has been appearing constantly. Today, the CTS is in the shop. Has anyone else experienced this, and what was the problem? Thanks
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did they ever go out, accident wise???

I never heard of this but if I was to guess Id say the car has been in an accident in the past and something wasnt put back in right...
The air bags have not come out. I have owned the car for about 15 months with no accidents.
what about the previous owner???
i'm not certain, but the car shows no signs of any accidents. Anyway, why after 15 months with no issues would it need servicing for a "previous problem" from a past owner?
Today has not been my day one thing after another, and the CTS is about to get the brunt of my anger. I need a drink:alchi:
If your gonna drink, I am in too. I'll take a shot, better yet, make it a double and a brewski. :alchi: :eek: :alchi:
Mine has the same message. I have never had any other problems with it and it has not been in any recent accidents. I was told it is usually just an issue with a harness coming loose that needs to be changed out. Nothing too big, but important none-the-less
Today has not been my day one thing after another, and the CTS is about to get the brunt of my anger. I need a drink:alchi:
Trade you for a Geo metro (3 cylinder)??
On our 2004 CTS, the GM tech found a pinched wire under the center consol.
I had the same thing happen a couple times. Seems to only happen when i push the car. It just goes away after i restart the car and never thought anything of it.

My diagnosis is that maybe with an aftermarket air intake unnecessary vibrations are dirubting the sensors for the airbag just enough for the car to beleive something is wrong.

Again I have heard about thing in multiple CTS's and as stated by another member he as well as myself have never heard of any airbag problems in an accident. If there was a major problem with the airbag not deploying the GM would without a doubt issue a recall. This problem has been throughout the car's release in '03, so i have no problem with it.
It's probably something minor, but I would get it checked out. Back in 2004 before I bought my "V", a female friend of mine purchased a new 2003 CTS (not a V), and drove it about 8000 miles without a problem. One morning, however, she turned the key to start the car and all the airbags deployed!
Needless to say it scared the sh*t out of her. After notifying her dealer, the car was towed to the dealer and, with no hassle what-so-ever, she was given a new CTS of equal value and one year newer. According to the dealer, the car was returned to GM for evaluation as to the reason those things deployed. Luckily, she wasn't hurt and I told her GM actually got off easy on this one by her agreeing to the settlement.

Ironically, two weeks later I read of a guy in a late model Porche who's airbag went off while he was driving! The guy wasn't killed, but I believe the car was! Get it checked out!
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The dealership says I need a new air bag module and wiring harness. thank god for warranties. :thumbsup:
It just happened to me, twice.
They said I needed a new seat belt tensioner.
I guess the restraint system affects teh airbag warning.

Then again, my caddy dealer is soooo clueless about everything!
There was a recall of some CTS's involving unintended airbag deployment that required module replacement/reprogramming. There was a complex series of events that if they ocurred in a narrow timeframe could deploy the airbags. It appeared to be very unlikely but after it happened a couple of time it was remedied. It is well to note that an airbag deployment is a controlled explosion in your lap and face. I wouldn't be comfortable driving around with an airbag warning.
My 94 F-150 had an airbag light on. The only airbag it has is in the steering wheel. It was an open twist cable in the upper part of the steering column. The cable is a flat wound ribbon cable that is connected to the air bag and coils and uncoils as the steering wheel is moved. After years of flexing, the runs in the ribbon finally fail. I ordered the cable and replaced it myself. Not saying that is your problem though, since the car has airbags all over the place, but it is a common problem for steering wheel mounted airbags.
I just started getting that message too.... guess I will start looking for some pinched wires unless someone has any other suggestions..
I just started getting that message too.... guess I will start looking for some pinched wires unless someone has any other suggestions..
I had the module and small piece of wiring harness replaced on mine. The repair was going to cost me almost $1000, so I lost my shit bc they made the repair without notifying that my warranty doesn't cover emissions and safety related parts. Long story short, the total cost me $100 and the dealership covered the remaining cost under their costumer loyalty program. Yes, my family has purchased already 6 vehicles from them so it made sense for them to fix the problem asap. Good Luck with your caddy..
Need to find out what that wire does. I had an extra plug under the dash put in so I can use my Tom Tom. I started getting that message right after it was put in but I never figured they might have been related to each other. I started looking I went ahead and took the plug out and took it's wire out. I have yet to get that message again. I am not suggesting to not go to the dealer and get it checked out but for me... looks like a wiring issue too.
On my 03 CTS I get the Air Bag light periodiclly. If I go under the passenger seat and unplug the connector, then plug it back in, the problem goes away. Either it's a dirty contact, or my wife's high heel thats causing the problem, I don't know, but I know that fixes it.
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