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korpies said:
Well, at least I now know how to get codes, clear codes, and I certainly appreciate that!!

So here they are: C1252, 1255, and 1298...B3108 and 1141...C1780 and 1783...and some U's - 1014 1255 1301 1064 and 1128...Also P0404 and P0603....

I looked up what they all mean, and I have no idea what PCM or DIM stand for...some of them make sense to me though...although I have no idea what to do about them..

Any help would be appreciated....

lets see...

C1252--- Left front accelerometer problem.... normally you wouldn't see this unless it was left detached and upside down or something like that. It's a little black box attached to the back of each strut tower.

C1255--- You should replace the EBCM because it has an internal problem.

C1298--- This one should have come up with a three letter prefix for what module it was that was having trouble communicating to the PCM. My guess would be either ABS or TCS because of thier module problem, but look for the prefix to be sure.

B3108--- RKE (Remote Keyless Entry) didn't recognise your remotes signal for a second.

B1141--- I honestly have no idea.

C1780--- Either the wire to the steering wheel position sensor became disconnected, or the sensor went bad.

C1738--- Integrated Chassis Control System 2... I'm sorry but that's all I know about that code...

P0404--- Clean your EGR valve or get a new one like mcowden said.

P0603--- This just means that the battery was either disconnected recently or it died recently, which caused the PCM to reset.

Hope this helps.
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