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I have had my 98 ETC for about 6 months and abut a month and a half ago my "service stability system" light would come on every once in a while, so i would hit the info button to clear it. Now it comes on more often, is there anything that i can check to see if anything is wrong cause the book is no help when tellin me " if this light comes on go to the dealer, there is something wrong with your car" i obviously know there is something wrong with my car, just wondering if i can check anything before having to bring it to the dealer?


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You should check the codes.

To enter diagnostic mode, proceed as follows:
  1. Turn ignition "ON." Engine can be either OFF or RUNNING. For cars equipped with the Digital Instrument Panel Display (Digital IPC):
  2. Simultaneously press the "OFF and "WARMER" (red) buttons on climate control center (CCC) until all display segments (IPC and CCP) are illuminated For cars equipped with the Analog Instrument Panel Display (Analog IPC):
  3. Simultaneously press on the Climate Control Panel (CCP) the "OFF" and "PASS WARMER" (up arrow) buttons.
After the segment display test, the driver message center displays all set DTC, current and history, in the following order:
  1. PCM DTC
  2. IPC DTC
  3. ACM DTC
  4. SDM DTC
  5. TCS DTC
  6. PZM DTC
  7. IRC DTC
  8. RFA DTC
  9. CCP DTC
  10. MSM DTC
  11. MMM DTC
  12. PHN DTC
The RSS, CCP, MSM, MMM and PHN DTC appear only on vehicles equipped with these options. Press the FAN DOWN button in order to bypass the DTC display.

On the OBD II cars, the prefixes you'll see are: "IP" for the IPC instrument panel; "AC" for air conditioning module; "TC" for traction control; "RS" for the road suspension system; "SD" for the air bags; "PZ" for the body control module; "CC" for the cell phone; "RF" for the integrated radio system. To exit the diagnostic mode anytime during the test, depress the "ECON" or "DEFOG" button, or turn the ignition switch "OFF."

The definitions can be found here;

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