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Hello friends -

My dad has a 2000 ETC with 27,000 miles and he's getting the message "Service Stability Control" on the console after driving about 10 minutes. I'd like to get this fixed for him before Christmas, so I'm begging for some help from the collective.

There are 2 DTCs that show as "current" when I reset the codes:

RSS C0620: Right Front Position Sensor Malfunction
RSS C0662: Level Control Exhaust Valve Circuit Low

So the first questions are:

:confused: Where is the Right Front Position Sensor?
:confused: Is this the suspension position sensor or the steering position sensor?
:confused: Any insights about the Level Control Exhaust Valve Circuit Low code?
:confused: Could one be causing the other?

I'm assuming the ELC compressor/valve will need to be replaced to clear out the C0662 code, but looking for other thoughts, etc., and I have no idea about the position sensor.

When the "Service Stability Control" message comes up, this code moves from "history" to "current" and stays current until you turn off the ignition:

TCS C1283: Excessive Time To Center Steering

:confused: What the heck is that?
:confused: What does the TCS have to do with steering?
:confused: Could the previous 2 codes be causing this one?
:confused: Why a 10 minute delay before this code comes up?

I'm getting the code translations from this site:

Most of the time I can reason through these things, but I'm really not sure where to go with this one and hoping one of you uber-experts can point me in the right direction. Many thanks in advance! :worship:
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