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MateoM said:

I have a 94 Sedan DeVille. Have owned it for about 17 months, I have put about 32000 miles on in that time. The entire time the "service ride control" light has been on. I just never knew what that meant. I ran across this group quite by accident while looking for something that would show me where the fuel filter is located. I decided to join when I saw a reference to a post about that issue. So, as long as I am here, what in the heck does "service ride control" mean? I saw another post that said there is a computer problem. But, would not the problem have manifested itself by now?

If it's any comfort to you, I also have a 94 Sedan DeVille!

The first thing you may want to try is pull 'Diagnostic Codes' from the computer memory. When your service ride control message comes on that means it has detected a problem and stored a code in the computers memory.

To access these codes, turn the key to 'Run' but do not turn it over. Then on the climate control hold OFF and WARMER (the red button) simultaniously. After about 3 seconds or so, the dash panel will flash the approaite codes to you. It will display the codes. usually beginning with a letter then a 3 digit number. (ie. T036). it will usually be followed by CURRENT or HISTORY denoting wheather the trouble code is a current problem or one that has gone away or has not reoccured in that cycle.
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