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service ride control

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what causes this to come on I have a 94 seville sls
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What code/s are set? Off and Warmer buttons, look for S0xx codes.
how do you check the codes
hold "off" and the red line aka "warmer" on the a/c controls until the diagnostic mode appears
ok I got s036,so38 and so44
S036 Electronic Level Control Compressor Short to Ground/Open
S038 Electronic Level Control Exhaust Valve Short to Ground/Open
S044 Lift or Dive Signal Fault
ok but I"m not sure what that means
it means bad things. :p

might want to go to a dealership and invest the $100 to find out exactly what is wrong and how much it will cost to repair.

if its in the thousands and you're not looking to spend, i would suggest going for a passive suspension conversion kit.
whats the difference on a passive system to what the car has now
it won't ride as smooth (it'll ride like any other car you've owned/driven in [unless you've only driven in cadillacs & licolns] :p) and the tires won't tuck in quite so well. there is no electronically controlled leveling/suspension system.

once everything wears in though, you probably won't SEE much of a difference. the feeling will never be the same, but oh well. i put the strutmaster conversion kit on my car, a '94 STS. $650 for the parts, $300 for the labor at a local midas., see if they have a conversion kit for the SLS.

definitely get the car diagnosed prior to doing anything. i'm not 100% sure what those codes mean aside from that my car also had them, and the dealership quoted me $3500 to fix. could be a lot cheaper for you though, depending on exactly what is occuring.
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is this just basicly the struts are bad
well, a compressor code seems a bit more serious than just the struts.

but even so, the struts are not cheap at all to replace.

i think something like $500 per wheel
well this is kind of weird but the message doesn't come up anymore the compresor runs when the car is started. I drive on alot of country rodes so I was just wondering if it's the dips and turns that can trigger this code
S036 - Check ELC fuse.Compressor motor may be shorting beacause it's worn out (this can be due to leaking air line).
S038 - Open compressor exhaust solenoid (part of compressor ass'y)
S044 - Lift / Dive fault. Recalibrate with Tech-1
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