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Service pressure monitor

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2004 srx , awd , will on a 3 hour trip yesterday , the service tire monitor message came on the message center ? and now there are no tire pressure reading's ? is this going to be exspensive ?:confused:
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TPMs have come down in price - and they only last between 4 and 7 years before the batteries tire (the outer end of that range being under "gentle" conditions I imagine). If you're still on the originals, they have done reasonably well. You should be looking at $300 installed - less if you get it done while you're changing tires. Dealership charges will be more. Aftermarket versions are available on eBay (set of 4 for ~$80) but, once you factor installation into it, you're really not saving much and I don't know how good they are. I would avoid used ones for similar reasons.

A good rule of thumb is to swap them out - whether they're working or not - at the time of any tire change between year 4 and 6 after first in-service.
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