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Service pressure monitor

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2004 srx , awd , will on a 3 hour trip yesterday , the service tire monitor message came on the message center ? and now there are no tire pressure reading's ? is this going to be exspensive ?:confused:
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I noticed that the valve stems on my 09 SRX are the traditional black rubber unlike the metal valve stems found on my 06 vette and wifes 08 PT Cruiser.

Are these some cheaper version of the TPMS or can I I buy and replace them with the metal valve stems.

Am I making sense???
My 07 has rubber stems and tpm....
I'm guessing these must be the less expensive versions I'm familiar with. They don't seem as sensitive as the one's on my vette. Seems my tire pressue is always about the same while the vette will vary by as much as 4 degrees from COLD to HOT.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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