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TPMs have come down in price - and they only last between 4 and 7 years before the batteries tire (the outer end of that range being under "gentle" conditions I imagine). If you're still on the originals, they have done reasonably well. You should be looking at $300 installed - less if you get it done while you're changing tires. Dealership charges will be more. Aftermarket versions are available on eBay (set of 4 for ~$80) but, once you factor installation into it, you're really not saving much and I don't know how good they are. I would avoid used ones for similar reasons.

A good rule of thumb is to swap them out - whether they're working or not - at the time of any tire change between year 4 and 6 after first in-service.

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I noticed that the valve stems on my 09 SRX are the traditional black rubber unlike the metal valve stems found on my 06 vette and wifes 08 PT Cruiser.

Are these some cheaper version of the TPMS or can I I buy and replace them with the metal valve stems.

Am I making sense???
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