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Cts-v coupe 2012
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From Canada. Been interested in a certain trim model of the Cts-v. (Carbon interior silver manual) So last feb I finally found a 2012 coupe(American car) in my General area that was a perfect match. Before purchasing I asked if I had to bring the vehicle to that particular dealership to have the vehicle serviced since it was Aproximately a 45 minute drive from my home. I was told no I could take it to any Cadillac dealer. 5 months later(2000km) later I had the oil light come on so I took it to my local dealership for service snd was told that because it was an American 2012 model I could only take it to the dealership in which I purchased the vehicle?? So I ended up having to pay for my first oil change even tho it should be covered under warranty.(wasn't going to drive it with low oil to take it to other dealership) I contacted the dealership where I purchased the vehicle and told them what had happened and they pretty much said sorry and I have to take my vehicle to them if I wish to have service done under warranty.

Can anything be done so I don't have to commute so far?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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