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Hey all this is my tale,

About 2 weeks ago, I got a call....long sotry short I had to make a long drive the next day. So I went to the dealer to get those recomended srevice packs (I know these are a rip off, but I was feeling generous and squeezed for time) so they talk me into the transmission flush and all that. I go for it all is well. Next day the car is idling rough. Driving around its hesitating like its not getting spark or gas or something. At first I thougt DAMNED dealer fked my TRANNY, but it was too late because I was on the road and trying to get back on thanksgiving. But it was probably just a coincidence as the probelm is in the engine and not tranny....still the timing was bizare.

Of course its the middle of the night, in Fredericksburg VA, the Service Engine Soon comes on and stays on (no blinking) . It the day before thanksgiving everything is closed and ill be closed for a few days.....still 300 miles to go.
The traffic got bad, and everytime the car slowed down it would start vibrating like its gonna stall, but at higher revs its smooth as beans. Anyway (kinda wanted to get that off my chest) what I wanted was your input on what this is?

symptoms; rough idle and rough revs at low speeds
I can see the tach jump around from 600 to 750 rpm and back and forth
the car runs smooth in higher revs or at speed
SES (Service Engine Soon) is on all the time now
But the SES light starts FLASHING sometimes when I need to accelerate or go up the hill.
The SES stops blinking usually in about 30 sec....

Manual says SES on is usually smog
SES blinking is a misfire

Maybe a down sparkpug or a wire I am thinking......?

Anyway, looks like I gotta goto a caddy dealer to get it properly diagnosed right?
If it is the plug, I'm sure they will try and sell the whole 8 plug replacement and the wires. (probably a good idea....? or not?) the car is a 98 Deville, 72K miles now, dunno when the previous owner serviced the sparks.....

That was long winded....thanx for reading.

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